Calling Republican Candidates

Culled from Headlines:

Mitt calls Newt Zany

Newt calls Romney Liberal

Newt calls himself a Real Politik Wilsonian

Bachman calls Newt Frugal Socialist

Paul Calls Bachman an Idiot

Paul calls Newt an Idiot

Paul calls Perry a Cheerleader

Paul calls Romney Stupid

Paul calls Santorum Stupid

McCain calls Paul Hitler Appeaser

McCain calls Romney Flipflopper

(Putin calls McCain nuts)

Romney calls Himself Middle Class

Huntsman calls Romney Well-Lubricated Weather Vane

Perry calls Romney Fat Cat

Bachman calls Perry Naive

Perry calls Cain Brother

Cain calls Perry Insensitive

One response to “Calling Republican Candidates

  1. Can you show this as a matrix? I’m interested to see if any patterns emerge.

    The names seem to fall into the following categories – intellectually challenged, normality-challenged, morally challenged, or just plain inconsistent. Mr Paul in particular seems to be fond of challenging the intellectual credentials of his opponents – does this betoken some intellectual insecurity on his own part?

    (By the way, I always thought the most unintelligent thing Mr Gore ever did was to allow himself to be presented to the American electorate as the intelligent candidate, as if this was the most important reason for voting for him.)

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