What Happened to the Ugly Header?

So what happened to the picture that used to be my header.

Well I think perhaps it was looking a little tired and drab. So I’ve replaced it with a picture taken during our trip to southern Africa in August of 2010. But I thought the picture was interesting enough to let it hang around. It is a picture I took  in 2009 of the Mediterranean pine caterpillar, known as the procesionaria in Spain. If you’re hiking in Spain or France in pine forests in the spring you will see long trains of these caterpillars, they can be yards long, crawling across paths. They are blind I think and get very confused if the line is broken by a thoughtless mountain biker for example. What protects them from too many attacks is the poison they emit that can sicken your pets and small children. Here is a good resource on these little critters.

And I see them in some ways as a metaphor for many federal government executives, of which I was one.  The linear approach, the following (not always blind…but sometimes), and the defense mechanisms when threatened.

3 responses to “What Happened to the Ugly Header?

  1. Procesionales!

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